Parwich Parish Council

Serving the people in the Parish of Parwich

Parwich Memorial Hall

Clerk RFO: Mr Andrew Martin
Fernlea, , Parwich, Ashbourne
Derbyshire DE6 1QJ

Tel: 01335 216238

The role of the Parish Council


The Parish Council has been approached by the company Shared Access to see if it would lease a small area of land to build a mobile phone mast. Shared Access would build and maintain the mast. In turn they would charge mobile phone operators to mount their aerials on it. Shared Access would pay the Parish Council to lease the land.

Planning Applications

It is not the Parish Council that would decide whether a mast could be built. This would be done through the normal process of planning applications for the Peak District National Park. The Parish Council would be consulted as part of this process but would not be making the decision.

Leasing a site

The Parish Council does have the opportunity to decide whether or not to offer to lease land for the mast to be built on. The purpose of sharing information with residents will be to try and give the best possible understanding of the advantages and disadvantages for residents of them doing this. If the Parish Council does not offer a site for a mast someone else might.

Representing the community

Whatever decision the Parish Council makes they will be representing the community as a whole and trying to make the best decision for them. The Parish Council recognises that residents are likely to have varying views and wishes to take them all into consideration. To help with this, information will be shared to allow residents to consider their views and ways will be provided to feed them back.