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Tennis Court surround tender


Invitation to tender for groundworks around the tennis courts. Post code DE6 1QB.

Two tennis courts in Parwich are part of a MUGA which is surrounded on one side by a low bank and on another by a drainage ditch. Various works are required to prevent flooding of the courts and improve the appearance of the surrounding area.

There are three tasks. See picture below for location.

1. A land drain to be created using a perforated pipe in the bottom of a trench backfilled with loose stone. Drain to run into the existing drainage ditch at the north east corner of the MUGA. Detail as follows

  • Approx 22meters in length.
  • Clear bank as required for access to create drainage.
  • 150mm diameter perforated pipe.
  • Terram 1000 geotextile surround to filter trench including ends.
  • Fill trench with 20/40 single size granular material (no fines).
  • Remove all materials and debris from site.

2. Create a retaining wall for the existing drainage ditch in the north corner of the MUGA. See picture below for location. Drain to run into the existing drainage ditch at the north east corer of the MUGA. Detail as follows

  • Approx 2m in length.
  • Stone and mortar construction.
  • Dig out line of wall sufficient to provide firm foundation.
  • To be level with existing bank at start and finish of wall.
  • Remove all materials and debris from site.

3. Cut back and remove vegetation in, and from, the banks of the ditch running along the north east boundary of the MUGA in order to improve drainage. Note that the Parish council is only responsible for clearing the ditch on this boundary up to its mid point.

  • Approx 70 meters in length
  • Remove all materials and debris from site.


A site visit is recommended. If you would like someone to meet you on site please contact the Clerk by e-mail at the following address

If you are able to quote for this work please do so by completing the form below. You will receive an automatic acknowledgement that the tender has been submitted. Once your response has been noted by the Clerk a copy of your entries will be e-mailed back to you with any further questions.

The tender may be closed at any time that sufficient responses have been received. If sufficient quotations are received the choice of contractor could be confirmed at a Parish Council Meeting on the 18th November. If not a choice will be made at the next meeting on the 20th of January. Should you be successful you will be asked to confirm the details from the form below in writing. If you are unsuccessful you will be notified.

If you have any further questions please contact the Clerk.