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Pond dredging tender 2021-23

Invitation to tender for for dredging of ponds in Parwich.

In order to maintain the flow of water through the Sheepwash and Jubilee Pond, and to improve their appearance, a quotation is requested for removal and disposal of vegetation and accumulated debris.

This tender is for a period of THREE years from 2021 to 2023.

The work is to to be carried out annually in September or October unless agreed otherwise.


  • Plant matter, and silt where possible, to be removed from the body of the sheepwash.
  • Established ornamental planting away from the flow of the brook should be left to provide cover for nesting birds.

Jubilee Pond

  • Plant matter to be removed from the body of the pond, the bank adjacent to the road and the brook as it approaches from the churchyard.
  • Ornamental planting by the dedication stone should not be uprooted but should be trimmed back to improve its appearance.
  • Vehicle access to the pond is available across a short stretch of grass from the road. Care should be taken to minimise damage to the grass.
  • Water and drainage pipes may be exposed while clearing the pond and brook. The contractor is responsible for determining their location and ensuring that they are not damaged. Any damage not made good by the contractor may result in payment being delayed and/or reduced to facilitate its repair.


  • Proposals to remove material either mechanically or by hand will be considered.
  • Material removed should be left by the bank for at least one week but no more than two weeks to allow wildlife to return to the pond.
  • Material removed should be ultimately disposed of offsite or on Nether Green adjacent to the brook after it passes under the road.

The locations of the sheepish and pond are shown on the map below.

If you are able to quote for this work please do so by completing the form below. You will receive an automatic acknowledgement that the tender has been submitted. Once your response has been noted by the Clerk a copy of your entries will be e-mailed back to you with any further questions.

The tender may be closed at any time that sufficient responses have been received. Quotations will be evaluated during September. The choice of contractor should be confirmed at a Parish Council Meeting in September or October. Should you be successful you will be asked to confirm the details from the form below in writing. If you are unsuccessful you will be notified.

If you have any further questions please contact the Clerk.