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Cricket pavilion

Parwich Parish Council is considering how best to maintain, manage and use the cricket pavilion on Parson's Croft.

Current use.

The pavilion is used a occasionally for events and for storage of equipment. It has had no permanent regular use for some time.

Use of asbestos based building materials.

The building has recently been inspected and this has confirmed the widespread use of asbestos cement panels inside the building. The is the least hazardous form of asbestos based building material. But none the less its presence requires the Council to consider carefully how the building may be used. In the main room the asbestos is suitably protected by panelling and the room can remain in use with care. In the changing and storage rooms the panelling is unprotected and damaged in several places. In this condition these rooms should not be used.

Impact on maintenance costs.

Inevitably any building has some maintenance costs over time, even if it is hardly being used. These costs are increased by the presence of the asbestos panelling. Either because work needs to be done to protect or remove it, or because any work which might disturb it has to be subject to appropriate planning and execution to mange the hazard.

The Council has a duty of care towards anyone using or working on the building. In practice this means that they need to be satisfied that anyone carrying out work affected by the asbestos panelling is suitably trained and insured to do so. Though it is understood in the case of work involving asbestos cement panelling they need not be licensed asbestos contractors if they meet these conditions.

Indicative costs.

The Council's has obtained indicative costs for possible work which would address the presence of the asbestos panelling.

1. Removal. £6,000 to £10,000.

Removing the panelling addresses the hazard permanently. As well as making the building safe to use, the presence of asbestos panelling would not increase future maintenance costs.

2. Cladding of exposed paneling. £2,000.

This could be used to make the entire building usable. However it would not address the increased cost of any future maintenance caused by having to manage the hazard associated with the panelling. In particular there is concern that, should any roof timbers need replacing, this would inevitably involve disturbing the asbestos ceiling panels which are attached to their underside.


The current annual precept for the Parish Council results in a charge in residents' Council tax bill equivalent to £42.65 for a Band D property. (Or 82 pence per week). Given the number of properties in the Village this charge would have to rise by £9.22 per year (Or 18 pence per week) for a period of 5 years in order to generate £10,000 to spend on the building.

This is only an indication of how funds might be raised. In practice it may be possible to spend less; or necessary to spend more.

Other means of fund raising could also be considered. Application for grants is likely to be dependent on being able to demonstrate with some confidence that the building would be put to good regular use. Generally grant giving bodies want to see evidence that their money is being usefully spent.


How the building is managed and maintained going forward involves a number of important decisions for the village. The Council would very much like to hear the views of residents on the options available.

Below are several questions you might like to consider. If you use the form provided to submit your comments on-line they can be easily collated for discussion. However if you would prefer to write to the Council or speak with a councillor please do so.

Any feedback received and further options will be discussed at future Council meetings which are open to the public. You can also speak at the start of these meetings should you wish.

Pavilion survey.

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What would you like to see the pavilion being used for?

What would you like to use the pavilion for yourself?

Are there any activities in the pavilion would you be interested in helping to organise?

Are there any activities using the pavilion you would consider leading?

How much do you think the Council should be prepared to spend to keep the building in use?

Please add any other comments.