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Update on Parwich Parish Council and the coronavirus outbreak.

Your Parish Council is still here and attempting to function as best it can in the current crisis.

At this time Parish Councils have not been given any particular powers or responsibilities in relation to the crisis. So at the moment there do not appear to be things which the Council could, or should, do that cannot also be done by residents anyway. The Parish Council applauds the many large and small things that we can see people doing for each other. If you feel that there is any way that we in particular can help please let us know.

We held our last meeting on the 18th of March. The next meeting would normally be due on the 16th of April. It seems most unlikely that we will be able to hold the normal sort of public meeting.

Parish Councils are not obliged to hold meetings (other than the Parish Annual Meeting) but cannot generally take decisions unless they do so in a public meeting. We have been led to expect that we will receive new guidance about how to carry on operating without meeting the usual way; but we have not seen it yet. One of the reasons for this delay is that the way Parish Councils must normally make decisions as set out in law. So new or amended legislation is required to allow us to do differently.

We do want to keep the village looking its best and recognise that the environment has a positive impact on everyone's general wellbeing. Arrangements are already in hand for mowing to begin. We are fortunate that the flooding on Parsons Croft has stopped so we expect to be able to start cutting it soon. Please respect the need for social distancing if you see Tom out mowing, no matter how much you would like to tell him how much he is appreciated!

The flooding of the tennis courts has left a good half covered in what looks like green algae. We will discuss having the courts cleaned when we can. The Flood Authority have offered to give us advice about preventing the problem recurring. This will be followed up when they are able to make site visits again.

We will not be able to organise group maintenance days in the Village for the foreseeable future. However if on your daily walk you see the chance to pick up some litter or pull up a weed please feel free to do so. If anyone hasn't had the chance to visit Pump Hill and see the new paths and planting it is well worth the walk. It is popular but not busy.

Some of the Parish Council's work involves engaging with other agencies (e.g. Highways and Planning) to try and get things done in the village. Most of these have indicated that their response times are likely to increase considerably or that they may not be able to undertake certain work for some time. None the less we will keep track of all the things we have asked them to address and can still add to the list ready for when they are able to do things again.

So in the meantime please take care to follow government guidelines and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Mick Edge - Chair

Andrew Martin - Clerk

Posted: Thu, 02 Apr 2020 15:11 by The Clerk

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