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Improvements to mobile phone coverage

Which mobile contracts would be affected?

Shared Access's customer for the mast is O2 and Vodaphone. So these are the phone companies whose signal would improve. This also includes all of the following that they provide coverage for.

Giffgaff,Tesco mobile, GT mobile, LycaMobile, Talk Mobile, Allpay Mobile, Cortel Telephone, Glemnet, Highnet, Kontakt Mobile, Lebara mobile, Ownphone, Talk Talk Mobile and Zest4 mobile.

The main exception is EE. There are many virtual network operators who use either O2 or EEs parent network to provide coverage. If your mobile phone operator is not listed above you can check with them to see which parent network they use.

Sometimes the main providers will share their infrastructure.

So if your phone does not use the 02/Vodaphone parent network you would only get improved coverage if you changed your contract or if the companies shared the aerials or mast in the future.

Smartphones will make 999 calls to any available network.
Source: wikipedia

Where will the coverage improve in the village?

The document below shows before and after plots of signal strength for 2G, 3G and 4G signals in the Village.

What is a 4G signal?

As well as providing a signal in areas that have none at the moment a new mast would provide 4G technology. What does this mean? Briefly 2G was introduced in the 1990s for calls and text only. 3G in 2003 for web pages, downloads and video. The main advantage of 4G is that it is some seven times faster than 3G when downloading. (Source:

Other benefits of improved coverage

An improved signal would increase the areas of the village where emergency services could be called and co-ordinated using a mobile phone. It would mean that delivery drivers and other visitors would be able to use their mobile phones to locate people in the village.

Television reception

The Parish Council has been advised that there is no demonstrated impact on the quality of television signals from mobile phone masts.